Wisconsin Desert Horse Association

est. 1963

Appendix A


2017 Board & Committees


President:  Shelly Lehman  

Vice President:  Open

Secretary:  Open 

Treasurer:  Kathy Filen


Gail Rentmeester(18)

Kris Apitz (19)

Jennifer Filen (17)

Region 10 Delegates:

Shelly Lehman

Gail Rentmeester

Region 10 Alternates:

Danielle Shaw

Kris Apitz


Committee Chairs

Open Show:  Kathy Schlagel

​Futurity/Maturity: Kristin Urban

Badger Classic: Kris Apitz

​Sport Horse/Dressage: Kristin Urban

Membership:  Gail Rentmeester

High Point:  Shelly Lehman

Newsletter: Candy Ziebell

Website:  Tricia Joaquin

Promotion:  Randy Shaw

Sponsorships: Open

Youth Adviser: Gail Rentmeester

About our club:


The Sportsmanship Award was created in 2015 to recognize those who exhibit a great attitude and a fine example of good sportsmanship, and fairness.

2015 winner: Jennifer Filen

          Finalists: Julie McKee

                         Lisa Maurer Buol

Presidents Award

The Presidents Award is sponsored by Region 10 and is presented by the club President for outstanding contributions to the Arabian breed and for exceptional service to IAHA and WDHA club members. Recipients of the President’s Award are:

2015 Vikki Dalton
2014 Danielle and Randy Shaw
2013 Rita Lemke 2012 Michelle Peplinski 2011 Lori Adams 2010 Curtis Daye 2009 Rachel Rhein 2008 Amy Thalacker 2007 Connie Kienast 2006 Don Borth 2005 Candy Ziebell 2004 Nancy Kronstedt 2003 Paula Roberts 2002 Heidi Lynn Kohlbeck 2001 Rita Lemke 2000 Brian & Debra Sauer 1999 Jackie LuebkPuetz 1998 John & Mary Adleman 1997 Amy Thalacker 1996 Renee Wahlen 1995 Judy Rathbun 1994 Maureen Becraft 1993 Kristin Urban 1992 Roger Blaies 1991 Board of 1991 1990 Jackie Johnson 1989 Sharon Trindal 1988 Eve Odegard 1987 Kathy Hetu 1986 Elwood & Fay Juers 1985 Gail Cordrey

Volunteer Service Award

The AHA Volunteer Service Award is presented at the Member Organization,Regional, and National levels of the Arabian Horse Association. Nominations for the WDHA Member Service Award are made by the general membership based on significant service, significant contribution; breed promotion; promotion of the Member Organization, Region and/or AHA by volunteering time, expertise, or resources; and/or unique or creative contribution. Selection of the final recipients from the nominations is made by the previous year’s award winners. WDHA’s AHA Member Organization Volunteer Service Awards go to ...

         2015 Kristin Urban & Polly Bonfigt

           2014 Gail Rentmeester and Amber Hall

2013 Shelly Lehman and Vikki Dalton

2012 No Nominations

2011 Kris Apitz and Heather DeVooght

2010 Rachel Rhein and Kristin Urban

2009 No Nominations

2008 Heidi Kohlbeck and Renae Tiller

2007 Paula Roberts and Bruce Genz

2006 Terri Gellin and Mary Adleman

2005 Michelle Peplinski and Eve Odegard

2004 Don Borth and Amy Thalacker

2003 Lori Adams and Wayne Halverson

2002 Connie Kienast and Jim Saddison

2001 Roger Blaies and Kristin Urban

2000 Rita Lemke and Jackie Luebke-Puetz

1999 Jackie Johnson and Heidi Lynn Kohlbeck

Thank You Award

The WDHA Thank You Award was established in 1987, originally as the "We Never Remember to Say Thank You" award. It recognizes WDHA members for their outstanding and often unrecognized volunteer service to the organization. Nominees for this award come from the WDHA Board of Directors. 

2015 Show Managers: Kris Apitz, Kristin Urban, Kathy Schlagel
2014 Shelly Lehman
2013 Heather Devooght 2012 Michelle Peplinski 2011 Connie Kienast 2010 Paula Roberts 2009 John & Mary Adleman 2008 Connie Kienast 2007 Don Borth 2006 Lori Adams 2005 Amy Thalacker 2004 Rita Lemke 2003 Heidi Lynn Kohlbeck 2002 Connie Kienast 2001 Jackie Johnson 2000 Carol Lewis 1999 Michael Keller 1998 Wayne Halverson 1997 Jim Saddison 1996 Renee wahlen 1995 Cindy Draper 1994 Brian Sauer 1993 Mary DeBruin 1992 Roger Blaies 1991 Debra Sauer 1990 Judy Rathbun 1989 Kristin Urban 1988 Sue Miller 1987 Kathy Hetu